Are you looking forwards or backwards?


You’ve heard it before: Business is a numbers game. Know your numbers. It’s excellent advice but often incomplete. Yes, knowing your P&L and sales figures are important metrics. The problem is that often business owners use measures that look backwards. They tell what happened, but fail to tell what’s GOING to happen. That look into the future can be the real key to sleeping well, being in control and directing where your business is going.

Cleantech Open West holds business plan competition


We are proud to announce the 2015 Nevada/Tahoe Cleantech Open Business Briefing at 5 p.m. on April 29, 2015 at the Adams Hub in Carson City with keynote speaker Rob Hooper from Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA). We are inviting past and current CleanTech Open participants, mentors, and community members.

Craft a strategy to create powerful brand advocates

Image credit: Entrepreneur

It’s with good reason that 93 percent of marketers use social media for business — with more than 1.15 billion registered Facebook users and more than 550 million registered Twitter users (and many, many more users across other networks), it just makes sense to reach people through the medium. However, just because marketers are on social media doesn’t necessarily mean they’re using it correctly.

New office space? Here’s your IT checklist


With the economy improving and businesses growing, we are seeing more requests to assist customers in relocating their IT infrastructure as they expand to new facilities. This year we are also seeing more IT infrastructure work from new start-ups, and business mergers. If your organization is in a similar position and looking for a new location or expanding in to an additional location, make sure that you perform due diligence on your business IT needs.

Experienced business people help entrepreneurs in northern Nevada

Frank Wesh, SCORE Mentor, assists a client at Simple Steps for Starting Your Business.

Back in the day, SCORE stood for the “Service Core of Retired Executives.” Today, SCORE’s counselors are real-world professionals, both active and retired, who use their knowledge and experience to help people in business, about to start a business, or just thinking about starting a business. Supported by grants from the US Small Business Administration, SCORE is the nation’s largest volunteer business mentoring service.