Cast Me A Line: The Power Of The Podcast

Nicole Rose Dion

Podcasting? Really? WHO CARES? Right? Apparently, I DO. A few weeks ago I watched a webinar about podcasting from PR Daily to learn how we might use them as a marketing tool for our clients. Upon completing the webinar, I was tasked to write a blog about the takeaways. However, I found myself avoiding it, feeling utterly uninspired. What is it about podcasting? Some people go nuts over it and others (me) couldn’t be bothered. It first became a “thing” around 2007 when people (Howard Stern) starting putting radio broadcast recordings online. A podcast is simply an audio recording that can be subscribed to or streamed via the web. Ever since, it has become a lasting medium for people trying to get their message out there to whoever will listen. And people are listening! In 2013, iTunes reported one billion podcast subscribers.

Website Myths: The Fold

Mike Mcdowell

There are many misunderstandings and myths about website design. But few website myths told over the years are as epic as that of the importance of the “fold.” Legend has it, that any content living below this fateful boundary was never to be seen again. To prevent this certain death, content would crowd into the gilded holy land known as “above the fold.” This land of milk and honey above the fold was the only safe haven and ensured that site content would always be seen, absorbed, understood and loved. Few would dare venture below the fold for lesser website content that had been outcast to live a life in purgatory.

Terminations: How to Navigate an Unpleasant Small Business Owner Duty

Melissa Marsh

All Business Owners and Operators know that firing an employee is in the top five of most unpleasant (but unavoidable) responsibilities we have. Additionally, it can be extremely costly if not handled well. This quote from the Society for Human Resource Management expresses perfectly a message I frequently share with business owners: “The employer should be able to articulate the legitimate, nondiscriminatory business reasons behind each termination decision. If the employee thinks that the discharge is wrongful, he or she may be tempted to sue the organization.” Here are some additional tips for the termination process.

“The Economic And Financial-Market Outlook Into 2015: What Next For The Post-’Meltdown’ Economy” – Aug 22

Gary Schlossberg

“The Economic And Financial-Market Outlook Into 2015: What Next For The Post-‘Meltdown’ Economy”
Gary Schlossberg  – Vice President & Senior Economist , Wells Capital Management
The economy continues to struggle through one of the weakest economic recoveries from the deepest recession since the 1930s Great Depression. Meanwhile, investors have reaped gains in an array of markets typically [...]

BRIC: Solving Your Business’ Biggest Challenges


There is no doubt that being in business for yourself is a real challenge and there are a myriad of ongoing tests of your patience, your skills, your ability to manage, your family and your personal funds. As they say, “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.” So we are hearing that the economy is turning around, unemployment is going down, the stock market is doing its thing, so why do you still feel like a cartoon hamster on the wheel – running as fast as you can but apparently getting no where? There is a poster out there that says, “The only place you will see success before work is in the dictionary.” But how do you work on the things that make the biggest impact? Let’s offer a couple of ways to help.

NCET Tech Wednesday – ACCESS Event Solutions – Sep 10


Advances in technology are revolutionizing the access badge industry, and ACCESS Event Solutions is staying at the forefront by using technology to increase the functionality of its badges. The company is getting ready to launch proprietary software that increases an event organizer’s ability to interact with fans, businesses, attendees and sponsors. Join us on September 10th