NCET Tech Bite – WordPress 101 -­ Tips to help you get started

NCET Tech Bite, Atlantis Casino & Spa

This Tech Bite presentation will focus on WordPress as one of the best DIY tools available to build a user and search engine friendly websites. Tracy Rhodes of Sierra Web Solutions. LLC. will cover some of the basic set-up steps and will discuss the areas that tend to confuse new WordPress users such as posts, pages, themes, plugins, categories and tags.

The CUBE shapes up to welcome entrepreneurs

Photo: Jessica Garcia/RGJ

With assistance from some local sponsors, the Center for Unique Business Enterprises (CUBE) at Midtown, formerly known as C4CUBE, a nonprofit business incubator, wants to provide up-and-coming businessmen and women the leverage to achieve their goals, including resources and connections to angel investors and local talent to make their companies thrive.

BS is good when it’s the balance sheet


In some circles, your Balance Sheet (BS) can lower your company’s street credibility, and it’s up to you and your team to make sure that doesn’t happen. It’s likely your street credibility is hinged on phenomenal growth and market acceptance. The income statement gets all of the glory by demonstrating rapid sales over time, a healthy gross profit and an above average net income as a percentage of gross revenue. Everyone sings its praises.

Setting up remote workers easier than ever


With the economy improving, many companies are working on growth plans that include expanding to new markets and hiring remote workers. If a geographic expansion is part of your strategy, take a close look at the technologies you use and make sure your planning incorporates advances in communication, cloud services and remote collaboration tools.

Still afraid to buy a franchise? Don’t close the door too fast

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Owning a franchise may seem like too big a risk to take on, and in some ways, it can be daunting. Owning any business can present challenges and fears, but there are several questions to ask before determining which, if any, franchise opportunities are right for you. That being said, after the tough questions are answered, franchise business ownership could prove to be a very satisfying and profitable venture.

2015 NCET Tech Award Winners

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We are very pleased to announce the 2015 winners of the NCET Tech Awards, the RGJ Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and the EDAWN Entrepreneurial Support Awards.
NCET also wishes to congratulate the 108 people and companies nominated for the 2015 NCET Tech Awards, which represents an amazing and impressive cross-section of our region’ and brightest technologists and technology companies.