The Power of the Influential Customer

Abbi Whitaker

Influencing customers can be very tricky, especially because consumers are so aware and dismissive of advertising. Turning customers into influencers may be the more profitable path, because of increased peer influence on social networks. Ninja Metrics has released an infographic that details the power of influential customers.

Embracing Due Diligence On Your Company

Gian Brown
by  Gian Brown and David Garcia, Holland & Hart
Whether you seek third party investment in your company or want to sell it, your business will most likely undergo a period between agreeing on a term sheet or letter of intent and signing a definitive agreement – the due diligence phase. Many companies dread this, […]

Crowdsourcing Support for Reno’s Entrepreneurial Community

Dave Archer

We’ve just wrapped up Reno’s very successful Startup Week, a local celebration of startups and entrepreneurship in the Biggest Little City. Once again I’m impressed by the number of individuals and organizations that come together regularly to help our local entrepreneurs and small businesses. Here are just a few, and I encourage you to contact them if you need help or can help.

Small Business Succession Planning Options


Something that is common to all business owners – you will exit at some point. Like death and taxes, exiting from your business is inevitable. So, what are your small business succession planning options? Let’s assume that you have been an owner, manager and chief bottle washer for a long time and you are ready to enjoy the fruits of what you have created. Usually there are about seven different options:

User Generated Content Essential to Social Success

Constance Aguilar

Creating content day after day to share on multiple social media networks can be exhausting and resource draining. Social managers, don’t do that. Instead, utilize content from your fans and followers to generate brand awareness and give your social media an authentic and genuine connection with audiences. AKA: get yourself some user-generated content! Double the credibility, cut the work in half: win-win.