Small Business Succession Planning Options


Something that is common to all business owners – you will exit at some point. Like death and taxes, exiting from your business is inevitable. So, what are your small business succession planning options? Let’s assume that you have been an owner, manager and chief bottle washer for a long time and you are ready to enjoy the fruits of what you have created. Usually there are about seven different options:

User Generated Content Essential to Social Success

Constance Aguilar

Creating content day after day to share on multiple social media networks can be exhausting and resource draining. Social managers, don’t do that. Instead, utilize content from your fans and followers to generate brand awareness and give your social media an authentic and genuine connection with audiences. AKA: get yourself some user-generated content! Double the credibility, cut the work in half: win-win.

RGJ Rebirth profile: Britton Griffith Douglass


Britton Griffith Douglas, 28, is vice president for operations at Reno Engineering. She handles ownership of two of Reno’s buildings with startup tenants: the floor above Campo restaurant at First and Sierra streets, and the Arlington Towers floor containing the Reno Collective. She is involved in Reno Startup Week, which runs Nov. 17-23.

Turnover or Retention? – It’s All in How You Lead


Northern Nevada is emerging from its economic malaise with a bang. Tesla and other glamour companies are moving in, and the number of new, attractive jobs may top 10,000. Where does this leave your small or medium-sized business? Your employees may be among the throngs of talented people beckoned by the opportunities Tesla and their supply chain partners offer, for reasons you might think you can’t control. But you can. Saying it’s all about pay is entirely misdirected. How do you know if you are at risk of losing your talented employees? Concentrate on the engagement level of your workforce. That’s where the employee rubber hits the retention road.

TEDxUniversityofNevada’s “Biggest Little City” Photo Contest


Enter the TEDxUniversityofNevada’s photo contest by November 24. To enter, please take a picture of their favorite “Biggest Little City” moment and post the photo to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. To qualify for the contest, please include one line detailing what they love about the moment along with the hashtag #TEDxUNR.