How NOT to get hired


People have difficulties understating why they can’t get hired. Whether you are just graduating from school and looking for your first full time opportunity, or you’ve had work experience but are looking to find something that suits you better, the reasons below are good points to keep in mind when applying for your next job.

5 tips for doing social commerce right


In the growing world of digital marketing and sales, social commerce is becoming critical to the success of consumer-driven companies. Social commerce is fueled by a variety of online sale efforts, including endorsements, reviews, referrals, discounts and sales on different social networks. These are combined to drive online sales and engagement with different audiences. As you dive in, keep these things in mind to create the best results.

Integrate or outsource? Charting the best growth path


Growing mid-sized businesses will eventually reach a fork in the road where they have to decide whether to integrate or continue outsourcing. The decision can be difficult. Vertical integration — when a company takes ownership of its supply chain — can give businesses greater control over costs, efficiency and product quality. But continuing to outsource portions of your supply chain allows you to focus on your core business while still relying on trusted business partners.

Can your work chair improve your health?

Emilia Hernandez prepares leather for cutting at Via Seating in Sparks, where custom built seating is

manufactured 48 hours after the order is received. Photo by Via Seating.

Think about how long you sit in a desk chair…six? Eight? Ten hours per day? A study by Dr. James Levine demonstrates that active workers can burn many more calories in a day. The introduction of movement into the work day is one reason local contract seating manufacturer, Via Seating, is drawing excitement for importing motion seating from aeris GmbH in Germany.

Is your pitch reaching the right ears?


When pitching a client to media, knowing which journalist or editor to pitch is just as important as knowing what to pitch. Thanks to PR and social software such as Cision and Vocus (two companies that recently joined forces), a plethora of media contacts are at our fingertips, but what’s in a name unless you know how to use it? Here are a few quick tips to ensure your message is reaching the right ears.