Five ways business owners can stay out of hot water


By Elizabeth High
Almost every person or business is regulated by the government in some manner. For instance, in order to drive, one must obtain a driver’s license and register their car. Professionals such as attorneys, real estate agents, accountants or mortgage brokers must obtain specialized licences from the state. Businesses in specialty industries – such […]

If Cash Is King, Why Play the Role of the Joker


As a business owner, choose to be the King of Cash. Consider these five strategies for managing cash flow and have your team work with you to monitor your company’s performance. The budget is a tool to document where you are and where you’re headed over the long term. If you want to afford your current operations, add headcount, upgrade your equipment, change product packaging, or launch a marketing campaign, a budget is a good start to map out your plans. A budget is a living document and it needs to be monitored and updated monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Creating an ‘employment brand’


Our reputation as an employer is important. Our image affects talent attraction, engagement, and retention strategies. In this competitive marketplace, HR has become a marketing arm for employees just as traditional marketing departments apply tools for attracting and retaining clients and customers. Here are four tips for creating a relevant employment brand.