SNC Gives $5 Million for New UNR Entrepreneurship Center


University of Nevada, Reno alumni Fatih Ozmen ’81 M.S. (electrical engineering) and Eren Ozmen ’85 MBA have pledged $5 million to create a new entrepreneurship center in conjunction with the University’s College of Business. To date, this is the largest gift the College of Business has received. The Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship, which opens Sept. 15, will permanently support and significantly enhance programs at the University that develop student entrepreneurial capacities and stimulate the creation of new business ventures. This endeavor will serve as an economic development engine for northern Nevada and will garner national recognition for the state.

Ten Reasons User Generated Content Is Essential To Social Success

Constance Aguilar

Creating content day after day to share on multiple social media networks can be exhausting and resource draining. Social managers, don’t do that. Instead, utilize content from your fans and followers to generate brand awareness and give your social media an authentic and genuine connection with audiences. AKA: get yourself some user-generated content! Double the credibility, cut the work in half: win-win. Here are ten reasons why every digital marketer needs social strategy that includes UGC:

BRIC: Happy Employees Equal Bigger Bottom Line


When you compare annualized stock market returns, the companies in the Fortune Best Companies to Work For list averaged nearly twice the overall return when compared to the overall market. We hope this gets your attention. What are the common actions that you can implement to become a Best Company to Work For? Here’s our list:

The art of combining and splitting companies

John Solari

Businesses merge, split and restructure for a number of reasons. They merge to grow, spark innovation and capture more marketshare. They split to decouple money-losing wings or refocus unique business divisions as separate companies. And while all of the attention is paid to the publicly traded companies that merge and acquire, small- and midsized business merger activity mirrors the activity from their larger, public counterparts. There are many things to think about when pursuing a merger or acquisition, or seeking to split off a business division into a separate company.

NCET Tech Bite: Email Marketing for Your Business – Nov 19th

NCET Tech Bite, Atlantis Casino & Spa

What determines which email messages are read and which are discarded without opening? How do you create a powerful E-mail marketing campaign for your business? When is the best time to send your E-mail blast? What should the subject line read? Mike McDowell of KPS3 will answer these questions as well as discuss the best ways to segment and manage recipients. He will also focus on metrics by reviewing reports and key performance indicators of an E-mail campaign.