NCET Biz Cafe – Organic Social Growth Hacking – December 18

Wednesday, December 18:

Wes McQuillan

The sad reality: In order to reach your audience on social media, you’ll have to pay.

Or is it?

Few people know how to get beyond the measly 1-2 percent organic reach of a standard business status update without the need to pay. But Wes McQuillen does, and he’s offering to teach you — for free.

Join us at our December Biz Café, where you’ll learn insider tips about the Facebook algorithm and ideas for creating a content strategy that will grow organic reach.

McQuillen’s presentation — “Organic Social Growth Hacking” — will teach you:

  • How to achieve big Facebook results without paying for boosted posts or paid ads.
  • Types of content that have the greatest reach and highest levels of engagement.
  • The importance of early engagement and how to create an engagement pod of collaborative peers.
  • How to leverage existing relationships to create content that increases reach of all involved parties.
  • Understanding the Facebook algorithm and using it for creative problem solving.

As the Principal at ALTER Strategies, McQuillen is well-versed in traditional and alternative marketing approaches for clients — including age-restricted and highly-regulated industries. He is also the former Director of Marketing for Sierra Well, a cannabis company in Nevada.

So join us at Rounds Bakery from 2 to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 18; the program starts at 3 p.m. It’s free to attend, no RSVPs are needed, and everyone is welcome!

Be prepared to learn tips that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want you to know — all during the December Biz Café!