NCET Biz Cafe – Systems Thinking: Methods used by innovators to build a better tomorrow – June 19

Wednesday, June 19 : 3 – 5 pm, Speakers at 4 pm

Gisele Mascarich

Every employee of every business plays a part in delivering products or services to customers.

But with this in mind, how often do you ask yourself the following:

  • How do you rank your business?
  • Are you more expensive than your competitors?
  • Are there features that your competitors offer that you don’t? Can you offer similar features?
  • Are you leading your industry or following?
  • Are you second best or 22nd best?
  • Are you satisfied with your current position in the market place?
  • Are you simply surviving, or are you thriving and leading the pack?

The answers to these questions will lead you down a path toward what is called “systems thinking.” And at this upcoming Biz Café, Gisele Mascarich, Systems Engineer, will give you the scoop on: “Systems Thinking: What it is, and Why it’s Critical for Moving Your Business Forward Today.”

Bottom line: Systems thinking is about putting yourself in the place of your customer, understanding their view about how well your product/service solution meets their needs.

At this Biz Café, you’ll learn a whole new way of big-picture thinking that will offer new pathways to success. You’ll leave this Biz Café with:

  • The fundamental tools required to foster “systems thinking” in your organization
  • Examples of thriving and successful organizations whose products and services delight their customers
  • An understanding of the processes these successful organizations implemented and perfected to get there

Don’t forget: Due to popular demand, Biz Café is now from 3-5 p.m.

Please join us at Rounds Bakery from 3 to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 19; the program starts at 4 p.m. It’s free to attend, no RSVPs are needed, and everyone is welcome!

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