NCET Biz Cafe – Do You Have the Right Tax Entity? – Jan 16

Wednesday, Jan 16 :  3 – 5 pm, Speakers at 4 pm

C Corp, S Corp, LLCs and beyond: The alphabet soup that comprises business designations can leave you with questions — lots of questions.

And that’s in a “routine” climate.

But the current business climate is anything but predictable, as tax reform has left even MORE unanswered questions. This Biz Café is here to help you rest assured that your business entity has the right designation for maximum cash flow.

Get a jump start on tax season with this presentation that will help you secure answers to your tax and deduction questions. Mike Bosma is our guest, who has been the Reno office Principal in Charge since joining CliftonLarsonAllen in January 2017. He has been in public accounting specializing in taxation for more than 24 years and is dedicated to assisting taxpayers attain higher levels of success through proactive tax planning, creative restructuring and strategic business solutions.

And he’s joining us for the January Biz Café, called “Is My Entity that I Selected Pre-Tax-Reform Still the Right Vehicle?”

Here are some questions that may just be keeping you as a business owner up at night:

  • With the new 21 percent corporate tax rate, should I be a C corporation?
  • How do I maximize the 20 percent 199A deduction as an S corporation?
  • Should everyone be an LLC so we don’t have to pay wages?
  • I am a professional services firm; how do I structure my affairs to minimize taxes?

In short, Mike will take attendees through the decision-making process and help them find the path to higher cash flow moving forward.

Don’t forget: Due to popular demand, Biz Café is now from 3-5 p.m.

Please join us at Rounds Bakery from 3 to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, January 16; the program starts at 4 p.m. It’s free to attend, no RSVPs are needed, and everyone is welcome!

Bring your questions, and get ready for some answers that will help you maximize your profits.

Event Photography and Videography

David Siegel
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