Reno Rebirth: Top-tier cancer care plays a subtle but important role in Northern Nevada

bildeWhen Peter Lim came here 14 years ago, Northern Nevada’s cancer treatment scene was very different.

“Back in the late ’90s,” he said, “one of the premises for me to move here was because there was no gynecological oncology care in Northern Nevada, and I can say that safely about other cancer treatment.”

The area had basic radiation and surgery but not the number of top-tier cancer specialists we have now, nor the pinpoint radiation machines, the level of participation in national clinical trials and the expertise and technology for minimally invasive surgery where you’re not cut open but instead the surgeon goes through a small entry point such as your bellybutton.

The list of improvements goes on, but the point is Reno has stepped up its cancer game.

The benefits for Northern Nevada as a whole might appear subtle, but they’re huge — for the quality of life and even the economy. It’s enough to inspire the not-as-common-as-it-should-be feat of making a Reno resident proud.

“I practiced at Stanford before coming here and trained at the Mayo Clinic and did my residency at (the University of Southern California) — these are all top-notch places — and I can safely say that after 14 years here, we have made phenomenal progress,” said Lim, who is director of the ” Center of Hope gynecologic oncology and pelvic surgery center at Renown.

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