Reno Rebirth: The great outdoors is great for business

Liz Lyles, a Reno mother of two, has the opportunity to tell a lot of mainpeople where she’s from.

That’s because she’s also a world-class Ironman triathlete. (This means she swims 2.4 miles, bikes for 112 miles and then runs 26.2 miles, without a break.)

Last month, she placed fifth in the European championship in Germany. She’s now qualified for the world championship Oct. 12 in Hawaii.

But when she mentions she’s from Reno, Lyles said, “people have no idea what really exists here.”

They think lights and casinos, not mountains and lakes and miles of wilderness trails.

Luke Jacobson, vice president and engineer at Moment Skis, said, “There’s so much potential for this town in the outdoor world, but it’s not being promoted appropriately by the government and the (Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority).”

If Northern Nevada’s great outdoors were marketed to businesses, perhaps we could become an outdoor sports hub.

Lakeshore Paddleboard

“There’s such progression and innovation in this area because there are so many outdoor enthusiasts here,” said Sean Adlao, president and CEO of Lakeshore Paddleboard Co. “Everyone here knew about (stand-up paddleboarding) before the rest of the country. So we’re the ones coming out with these designs, and we’re happy to be able to share them with the community

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