Reno entrepreneur capturing his niche in video gaming market

bildeFor entrepreneur Patrick Crawford, it’s all about niche markets in a challenged industry like gaming.

And what counts, he believes, isn’t the gambling machines but what’s inside them.

That’s the motivation behind gaming video software maker Rogue Gaming Studio, which Crawford launched late last year in Reno.

“We’d like to grow to the point where we can feed the big markets,” he said. “But there’s a side of the industry growing far more than opening up a manufacturing facility. There’s tons of room out there for small guys like us.”

Crawford’s initial focus is limited-stakes markets and creating games such as keno for the lottery in Montana and video poker in Louisiana where maximum payouts are, by law, relatively small.

So far, so good, he says. A month after Rogue’s staff of five set up shop in their still-mostly-vacant offices in downtown Reno, they’ve got two clients. Crawford declined to identify them, saying only, “We’re very happy with them. We have cash flow.”

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