Reno Collective v. 3.0

Rumors have been flying about the new space. Got your space suits on? Because we’re getting ready to launch!

QUESTION #5: Where?
100 N. Arlington, Suite 100 in downtown Reno, aka The Fishbowl!
QUESTION #4:  When?
The official date is May 1st. But as most of you know, when it comes to renovation and construction, this is a is about as predictable as an asteroid.
QUESTION #3: What about parking?
DON’T PANIC! We’re working on it! In the meantime, there is a parking lot less than two blocks away that costs only $2 for a whole day.
QUESTION #2: What’s it going to cost me? Is it going to be a lot more?
Not as much as a trip to the moon; but it is going to cost a little bit more. EXCEPT! If you are already a member at the $150 level, we will honor this rate in the new space for as long as we can. You can upgrade by March 31st, 2013 and the rate will be honored when we move. We’re also offering Resident space, which means you have your own desk. If you’re interested in this let us know so we can get you on a list and allocate our space appropriately.

See our Membership Pricing Structure and Benefits, later on in the email.

QUESTION #1: How can I get involved?
Answer #1: Become a Member! Membership dues pay the rent.
Answer #2: Show up!
Answer #3: Host a class. Organize a meetup. Start something!
Answer #4: If you’re ready to offer the sweat of your brow, reply to our pleas for help when moving time comes! We’ll need all manner of schlepping and help.
Answer #5: We’re working on some avenues for financial support, such as crowdfunding and sponsorship. We’ll get those opportunities out shortly and then you can heed the call!

More questions? Please contact us at
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