MerchantsXL: ‘Client for life’ through service

NCET member Cole Bevel’s recent profile in the Reno Gazette-Journal

Cole Bevel and Jeff Lenardson are making excellent customer service and philanthropy an integral part of their business plan.

The pair founded MerchantsXL in 2011. The company offers a host of credit card processing services for businesses and nonprofits.

“It was founded on the idea of being able to provide credit card processing or merchant services, particularly to local companies with a personal touch, to provide them with service that was completely unique and beyond the standard that they were used to,” Bevel said.

Cole Bevel of MerchantsXL sits at his desk in his Reno office. MerchantsXL donates part of the company's revenue to charities.The merchant services company provides the behind-the-scenes infrastructure for businesses to accept payments from credit, debit and gift cards, as well as electronic checks.

MerchantsXL can even set up an online payment system on a business’ website, if needed. Most of its clients are located in Northern Nevada, but it also does business in California and Colorado.

The small business, which employs three people, fields calls from more than 350 clients 24 hours a day. Many times, Bevel and Lenardson are the ones troubleshooting, whether it is fixing a credit card swiping machine at a downtown Reno wedding chapel on a Friday night or answering calls from business owners who can’t find their weekend’s transactions.

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