DigiGirlz Day encourages Reno-area girls to pursue careers in science, technology, more

bildeTerri Jeffres wanted to become an engineer, but entering a field dominated by men was more than a little intimidating.

“I had a cousin who would tell me horror stories about girlfriends of hers who were studying to be engineers,” said Jeffres, a student at Truckee Meadows High School.

Last year, Jeffres overcame her qualms about pursuing a career in engineering after she went to DigiGirlz Day, an event held by Microsoft to encourage girls to take so-called STEM classes so they can pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Jeffres, who is now 18, said DigiGirlz Day exposed her to technology and motivated her to get an internship in 2012 at the University of Nevada, Reno, where she studied environmental engineering with research assistant professor Sage Hiibel.

“He gave me the confidence to want to become an engineer,” Jeffres said. “It’s really exciting because engineering isn’t something where you just stay in an office all the time.”

Microsoft started DigiGirlz Day in 2010 to encourage Jeffres and other young women to pursue degrees that would qualify them for careers in science and technology.

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