Cleantech Open’s Annual U.S. Accelerator – Apply Now!

For the first time ever, Cleantech Open is accepting applications to our Annual U.S. Accelerator from entrepreneurs and inventors from all 50 states. Yes, that’s right, we want to help train, showcase, and help fund the most innovative start-ups from every corner of the country – including you!

If you meet these basic criteria within our new set of industry categories, you are eligible to apply for a chance to meet top investors, connect with clients and commercialization partners, learn the latest techniques for launching a successful business, and showcase to thousands at our regional and national events this year. To learn more about our unique platform that has worked with over 700 start-ups since 2006, or to register for one of our upcoming events, click here.

For those entrepreneurs who want to save $50, you only have to begin the application process and pay the nominal application fee by Wednesday, April 10. The final deadline to apply is May 1, but why wait to begin taking your business to the next level?

2012 Reflections and Thoughts for The New Accelerator Year

Spring is here (well, almost) and our Accelerator cycle starts anew. As we start taking in applications from the next generation of top start-ups across the nation, we’d like to revisit a few highlights from our past. Sometimes it helps to appreciate where you’re going, when you first reflect on where you’ve been.

The 2012 year was record-breaking for Cleantech Open. We graduated 170+ emerging businesses in our U.S. Accelerator, which was our largest class of companies since we founded the organization in 2006. Our success stories also continued to grow and our alumni funding inched closer to the remarkable milestone of billion dollars – yes, that’s billion with a “b”. The year culminated with five major regional events in Boston, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Denver, Seattle and San Francisco, and our Global Forum in November. If you weren’t able to join us person, check out this recap video from our media partner, for a taste.

In 2013, we will build on these successes and open up our training, showcasing, and exposure to a diverse group of investors to entrepreneurs in every big city and small town across the nation. We know that innovation happens everywhere and we want to help accelerate the start-up process and highlight those disruptive technologies and products that will do business differently and help solve major global challenges in the process.

We have also decided to revamp and expand the industry categories and business sectors within which we accept applications. This includes entirely new verticals in Chemicals and Advanced Materials, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), and Agriculture. Cleantech Innovation continues to grow and penetrate a variety of industries, and we have noticed. Click here for a closer look at the changes to the categories.