NCET Tech Wednesday – Server Technology, Inc. – Apr 1

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Server Technology, Inc.
April 1, 2015
5:30 – 6 pm: Networking
6 – 7:30 pm: Program

Photo of Server Technology plugs.

The production floor encompasses assembly, engineering, testing and more. The employees on the production floor are cross-trained to fill many rolls to ensure high productivity.

Have you ever spent time reflecting on the technology that lives inside of a power strip?

Well, imagine that same technology, amplified exponentially. And then consider that the makers of this technology are right here in northern Nevada.

At Server Technology, power distribution units are all they make — intelligent plug strips that reside in data centers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to social media giants to the world’s top online outlets.

Danny LaGreca, Electro Mechanical Prototype Supervisor, inspects PDU components.

Server Technology boasts the greatest concentration of employees working on research and development for their power distribution units. The company has the most patents in the industry. Here, Danny LaGreca, Electro Mechanical Prototype Supervisor, inspects PDU components.

A visit to Server Technology reveals:

  • A tour of the manufacturing floor where 4,000 power distribution units are built and more than 6,000 shipped per month.
  • The “Wall of Innovation,” featuring information and schematics on the company’s industry-leading number of patents — 48 granted, 54 pending.
  • Electronic monitors with real time “dashboards” keep employees updated on real-time stats on bookings,
    Tim Goettelman, Electro-Mechanical Inspector, examines a PDU.

    A significant portion of the production floor at Server Technology is devoted to testing. Here, Tim Goettelman, Electro-Mechanical Inspector, examines a PDU.

    on-time shipments, revenues, goals and relevant information presented to keep employees informed and engaged.

  • Reflections of the company’s motto: “Stay Powered. Be Supported. Get Ahead.” These include employee-focused messages like “I am Power,” designed to inspire high workplace morale (and potentially contributing to the company’s core of employees, many of whom have been with Server Technology for 15+ years).
  • Pictures of Flat Brandon — a likeness of
    15-year veteran Server Technology employee Latica Zenea, Assembly Tech.

    Real employees are used as models in all advertising and collateral — like 15-year veteran employee Latica Zenea, Assembly Tech.

    company President Brandon Ewing alongside the Queen of England and featured in other global destinations. The internal campaign sparked the interest of employees in Server Technology’s various worldwide offices — from Reno’s headquarters to any of the company’s other 15 international outlets.

  • Images of STI’s power strategy experts, who adorn all advertisements and can be seen throughout the building.

“We started in the Bay Area in 1984, moved to Reno in 2000 and have been expanding ever since,” said STI President Brandon Ewing. “We have no outside investors — STI is 100 percent family owned. That means we make quick decisions and avoid a bureaucratic hierarchy. We work hard and play hard.”

This seems appropriate, coming from the man who inspired “Flat Brandon.”

Server Technology is online at

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015, 5:30 – 7:30

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Server Technology, Inc.
1040 Sandhill Rd.
Reno, NV 89521, USA (map)

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