Board of Directors

President and CEO Dave Archer
Vice President Chuck Alvey
VP of Finance / Secretary Bill Saylor
VP of Administration Karol Hines
VP of Analytics Estella Hunt
VP of Blog Content Matt Brown
VP of Communications Mikalee Byerman
VP of Communications Irene Voronel
VP of “Expo Upsell” OPEN
VP of Creative Services Jackie Phillips
VP of Creative Services Andy Jorgensen
VP of Digital Strategy Megan Duggan
VP of Email Services Dan Brewster
VP of Email Services Mark Hutchings
VP of Event Services Heather Hoffman
VP of Image Asset Management Lori Ann Kruse
VP of Membership-Badges Candace Powell
VP of Membership-Wild Apricot Holly O’Driscoll
VP of Membership-Strategy & Analysis Matt Lush
VP of Membership-Retention Leah Wagner
VP of Newsletter/Database Rick Saake
VP of Operations Thomas Burnham
VP of Public Affairs Tom Clark
VP of Social Media-Instagram/LinkedIn Nicole Rose Dion
VP of Social Media-Facebook/Twitter Allegra Demerjian
VP of Special Programs Craig Vallarino
VP of Special Projects Chuck Sweeney
VP of Special Projects Matt Fisher
VP of Tech Bite Melissa Marsh
VP of Tech Wednesdays Jon Edmondo
VP of Tech Wednesdays Peter Williamson
VP of Technology Erin Anderson
VP of Visual Storytelling Mark Hatjakes
VP of Web Services Tracy Rhodes