RGJ / NCET Awards Nominations are Open

NCET - RGJ Awards

Nominations are open for the 2015 RGJ Entrepreneur of the Year awards and the NCET Technology Awards co-presented by the Reno Gazette-Journal and NCET – Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. The Reno Gazette-Journal Entrepreneur of the Year Awards recognize outstanding leaders at all levels of business, from small to large companies, while the NCET Technology Awards celebrate the Northern Nevada individuals and companies who have greatly enhanced the growth and prestige of the technology community.

NCET Tech Star

You are invited to recognize one of your very special front-line employees, contractors or team members who: Works in the technology industry or who works with technology Has made a remarkable contribution and played an invaluable role in fulfilling the mission of your organization in the past year. During the Award Dinner, NCET Tech Star […]

Help for your business: SilverFlume – Nevada’s One-Stop Shop for Business Registrations


SilverFlume is Nevada’s innovative one-stop business portal that consolidates governmental business registrations, eliminating about 80% of redundant steps by streamlining information to partner agencies. SilverFlume is a valuable tool to start and expand businesses that grow Nevada’s economy… together, in one place. SilverFlume guides new and existing businesses through the process of entity formation, State Business Licensing, Workers’ Compensation, Taxation registration and Sales and Use Tax permitting by Nevada location, Nevada Labor Laws requirements, OSHA requirements, search occupational and regulatory requirements, creating and managing a Digital Operating Agreement, conducting local business licensing in some Nevada jurisdictions, and other related governmental services.

If Cash Is King, Why Play the Role of the Joker


As a business owner, choose to be the King of Cash. Consider these five strategies for managing cash flow and have your team work with you to monitor your company’s performance. The budget is a tool to document where you are and where you’re headed over the long term. If you want to afford your current operations, add headcount, upgrade your equipment, change product packaging, or launch a marketing campaign, a budget is a good start to map out your plans. A budget is a living document and it needs to be monitored and updated monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Help for your business: Adams Hub for Innovation


Adams Hub for innovation is a start-up business incubator and co-working hub dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their business–faster, better, stronger. Created and funded by the Hop & Mae Adams Foundation, Adams Hub offers a state-of-the-art facility, educational tools and services, an extensive network of mentors, service providers, and seed investment capital for entrepreneurs to launch, grow and accelerate the success of their start-ups.