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Help for your small business: Nevada Industry Excellence

Nevada Industry Excellence helps manufacturing, construction and mining businesses become premier industry leaders in the Nevada market. NVIE enables businesses to be flexible and responsive in a rapidly changing marketplace by providing the expert resources and programs to improve processes, increase efficiencies and productivity. NVIE’s expertise, access to grants, and established relationships provides invaluable support and the competitive edge that Nevada industries need to be successful.  

State of Nevada’s Local Emerging Small Business Program

Grow your business through contracts with state and local government agencies in Nevada The Local Emerging Small Business (ESB) Program is a new certification program for Nevada small businesses interested in doing business with state and local government agencies. Administered by the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), the ESB Program was created to encourage the development and [...]  

Never spoil a good question with an answer!

Never spoil a good question with an answer! That seems to happen when entrepreneurs seek advice. It is a good sign when an entrepreneur seeks advice because some are so focused on their idea that they may think they know it all. It is what you learn after you know it all that really matters. Even if you do know it all – measure twice and act once. It works for carpentry and entrepreneurship.  

Save the date for The Biggest Little Startup Fair – May 9

[ May 9, 2014; 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. ] Members of Startup Row in partnership with with UNR Tech Connect, UNR Career Studio, EDAWN, Young Professionals Network, and Riverwalk Association are pleased to announce the Biggest Little Startup Fair & Startup Row Launch Party to be held on May 9th. These event will bring together the startup community, students and faculty from the university, and [...]  

ACCELERATE SUSTAINABILITY: Your Invitation to Register Innovative Solutions

Ocean Exchange is seeking Innovators with Solutions (with working prototypes) in materials, devices, processes, and systems with the ability to ACCELERATE SUSTAINABILITY - innovations that generate economic growth and increased productivity, while reducing the use of nature's resources and waste.  

Nevada’s Competitive Advantage: Regulated Software

Few of Nevada’s economic sectors are unique to our state. Throughout the nation – and even the world – you’ll find thriving software, aerospace, agriculture, logistics and even gaming sectors. Nevada, however, does have a strong competitive advantage in one area: Regulated third-party gaming software providers. Let’s break that down. “Software” is one of Nevada’s fast growing sectors that includes apps, web development, enterprise software, video games and more. “Third-party” is software developed by one company for use by […] 

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