8 M’s of Marketing

NCET Board Member Kim Garback passes along this column on how best to market your business.

You can break your marketing down into 8 aspects that must be considered if you want to effectively market your business. Each of these should be considered at the outset of your marketing planning to maximize your efforts, your budget, and your results. There are 3 Primary M’s and 5 Secondary M’s, the Primaries are crucial to your marketing. Leaving out any of these will cripple your marketing. The Secondary M’s aren’t quite as important but can still either accelerate or restrain your marketing, so ignore them at your own peril.

Primary M’s

1. Message – You need a message that speaks to your “Perfect Customer”. One that addresses their biggest needs, or pressing problem. Your message should cut through your competition’s offer and tell your perfect customer why they should do business with you instead of your competition or do nothing at all.

2. Market – This IS your “Perfect Customer”. If your perfected message is conveyed to the wrong audience, that message is wasted. Know who your perfect customer is, know as much as you can about them, know what motivates them. This is who you are speaking to, know them.

3. Media – If your message has been crafted for your perfect customer, but they never see/hear that message because you chose the wrong media, you wasted your money and work. The media you choose is just as important as what market you choose and the message you convey. Choose media wisely.

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