Why You Need a Better Elevator Pitch

For decades, salespeople have practiced something called an "elevator pitch." The idea was that they had to sell themselves and their product or service in the time it took to ride an elevator from the ground to the top floor. Every good salesperson had an "elevator pitch" and could perform it flawlessly at a moment’s […]

Special NCET Tech Wednesday – Reno Aces – May 23


Northern Nevada’s premier technology and entrepreneurial networking event. Join NCET for a special Tech Wednesday on May 23 with the Reno Aces sponsored by Universal Value Advisors. The evening starts at the 250 Lounge with an introduction by Universal Value Advisors. Reno Aces General Manager Rick Parr joins us to talk about “The Business of […]

2012 Governor’s Cup Winners!

GRADUATE WINNERS 1st Place – $25,000: MASH Tool USA MASH Tool brings you all your landscaping and construction needs! Team Captain: Angela Douglas, MBA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Elizabeth Lewis, MBA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Sarah Zalas, MBA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Brandon Peters, MBA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Peter Nazarechuck, […]